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Excitingly fun games in HTML5 for Tablet. Zoey takes you on a journey for excitement!

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Play Online Bingo, have fun, play and chat!

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At Zigiz you can play the best card games, puzzles, time management games and board games. If you enjoy competing against others: try our multiplayer games!

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The classic board game of battlefield strategy, now available for the iPad and Web! Defeat your opponents in the official Stratego game!

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Our team picked their favorite games!

Hot air Solitaire

Hot air Solitaire

Hot air Solitaire. Fly away on a journey with this classy solitaire game! Play on iPad or behind your desktop computer.

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The classic board game Stratego, now available on iPad, Web and Facebook!

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5 Dice

Our all time favorite game! A game like Yahtzee, play alone or against others!

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// Our Story

Gembly Games is a young fast-learning company and part of the Triodor gaming group. Gembly has been sold in 2013 by Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) in order to regain focus on the core strategy.

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Customer reviews


"Great job! This game brings back old memories, it’s nice and money worth."


"This is the best Bingo out there!"

5 Dice

"My favorite game is 5 Dice, I can see that I get better!"